City of Boston Fire Department

City of Boston Fire Department

Boston, Massachusetts
United States
City of Boston Fire Department

Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) performance an assessment of the current communication radio systems for the City of Boston Fire Department.

The scope included evaluating the systems and providing a GAP analysis along with identifying deficiencies and required features and capabilities. In addition, the report recommended options and associated costs with the identification of cost-sharing possibilities. 

The radio system upgrade would replace the existing system and not include a new system. The ROI of a replacement system is more in the efficiencies and reliability of providing radio communications to firefighters and first responders than in a cost analysis. 

We developed an Assessment Report that presented our findings on the current radio system, identification of deficiencies, and recommended options. We summarized the current regulatory environment with respect to UHF T-Band frequencies and what impacts there were if new bandwidth was required. We concluded our Assessment with a presentation to key Fire Department management personnel. 

We were retained to provide design assistance for a new conventional UHF radio system to support Fire Department services as well as to work with the Contractor on a new Personal Accountability Software system. The new system will increase the number of simulcast radio sites as well as voting receive sites. In addition, backhaul will improve using fixed licensed microwave links to replace older analog wireline-leased technology. 


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