Vancouver International Airport, Pier D Expansion

Vancouver International Airport, Pier D Expansion

Richmond, British Columbia
The new Pier D facility at Vancouver International Airport as seen in sunlight

For more than two decades, we have been a key partner in Vancouver International Airport (YVR)’s ambitious CAN$9.1 billion expansion program.

One of the most notable projects was the expansion of Pier D in the International Terminal Building. The first phase of this project added eight new wide-body gates and surrounding amenities, significantly increasing terminal capacity. Our mechanical, sustainability, energy modeling, and fire protection services not only helped expand the terminal but also achieved a 55% reduction in yearly greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our team worked closely with YVR on developing a master plan to reduce GHG emissions, which resulted in the YVR CORE program, featuring a groundbreaking central utility building powered by one of Canada's largest geo-exchange systems. This innovative approach not only reduces emissions but also minimizes potable water consumption and enhances visibility for air traffic control, ensuring a safer and more sustainable airport environment.

Our team was instrumental in ensuring uninterrupted operations during critical infrastructure upgrades, such as the South Field Electrical Centre. With redundant N+1 generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, these upgrades were reliably and safely planned and executed to maintain continuous power supply. YVR's airside operations building exemplifies our commitment to sustainable design innovation. With features such as rainwater harvesting, photovoltaics, and post-disaster standards, this building not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures operational continuity in any scenario.

Working with Vancouver Airport Property Management, we also provided infrastructure upgrades for 17 buildings that met safety, code compliance, sustainability, and cost-saving objectives. 

Photo credit: Ema Peter