St. Luke’s Surgery Center

St. Luke’s Surgery Center

Chesterfield, Missouri
United States

We provided commissioning services for St. Luke’s Hospital Building in Chesterfield, Missouri.

We provided commissioning services for the St. Luke’s Hospital Building-B 5th Floor Surgery Center renovation in Chesterfield, Missouri. The project included the addition of 4 new operating rooms, 2 procedure rooms, and ancillary spaces including several 23-hour stay rooms. 

Systems and equipment in the scope of work included a new rooftop air handling unit, an air-cooled chiller, two new humidifiers, a general exhaust fan, and terminal equipment. Commissioning of these systems included functional performance testing, review of the TAB process, system testing of final airflow capacity, and pressurization testing. Services also included review and assistance with project close-out material including training, O&M documentation, and As-Built drawings. The new air handling unit that served the floors operating rooms included a UV light on the cooling coil, a humidifier, and a return fan system serving return air terminal units on the floor. The cooling coil is served by a new dedicated air-cooled chiller located on the roof with the unit with a bypass valve to the building’s chilled water plant in the event of a chiller failure. The commissioning of the unit included a review of the equipment’s accessibility on the roof, testing of all interlocks, alarms, and safeties, and staging the unit through the sequence of operations. Extensive coordination was required with the controls contractor and TAB contractor in order to verify the designed pressure requirements were maintained in all surgery spaces. 


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