North Middlesex University Hospital LV Electrical Infrastructure

North Middlesex University Hospital LV Electrical Infrastructure

United Kingdom

The project involved an extension of the existing internal Hospital HV ring via a new HV radial connection to serve two new 1250kVA transformers as a combined energy center.

The transformers configured on an N+1 configuration, such as a single transformer, would serve the most critical sections of the LV network. The new transformer was provided to serve a Women and Children’s unit, a new main chiller plant, and part of the hospital LV network.

Introba (formerly Elementa Consulting) liaised with UKPN and carried out an HV coordination study to coordinate the protection settings of the existing transformers on the HV network. The project also included providing 100% LV backup supply via three synchronized 1250kVA (Prime rating) / 1375kVA (Standby rating) emergency generators as part of the combined energy center. The generators were configured in a 2N+1 configuration and synchronized to the UKPN main supply upon the supply restoration.

The project also included diverting sections of the existing LV network and replacing existing sub main cables and switch panels, in agreement with the hospital department to minimize any disruption to a live Hospital. Introba liaised with the trust estates department to survey the hospital’s available plant room and riser space to propose options for diversions within the existing LV network.

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