Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City, Utah
United States

Our team provided baggage handling system services for the Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This project is in support of the new $3.6 billion redesign at Salt Lake City International Airport. The facility is capable of handling 11.5 million passengers annually and 36,000 passengers daily. The new facility features 77 ticketing positions with 60 in the main terminal and 17 in the gateway facility adjacent to the parking garage. The new terminal also includes a federal inspection facility capable of processing 4,800 passengers per hour. 

The baggage system, engineered by our team, is composed of 13,455 ft. of 39-inch BG conveyor and 11,602 ft. of 45-inch BG conveyor, 19 outbound recirculating makeup devices, 23 ski makeup destinations, 8 domestic recirculating claim devices, 2 domestic recirculating ski claim devices, 2 international recirculating claim devices, and a security screening matrix containing 6 Explosive Detection System (EDS) devices and the associated CBRA area. 

Our team is responsible for providing all planning, systems engineering, integration, construction administration, testing, and acquisition oversight for the baggage handling and security screening systems to support a phase 1 construction plan that includes 38 new gates that supplement 34 existing gates, for a phase 1 total of 72 and an additional 47 new gates in phase 2. Project elements for professional services on the 3 million ft² program’s baggage handling system include: 

  • Concept, schematic and detailed system design 

  • 100% hold baggage screening system 

  • Program management support 

  • Static and dynamic modeling 

  • System Renderings 

  • BHS HMI design, MCP design, power, process control and supervisory computer systems 

  • TSA coordination for CBIS and CBRA 

  • Site inspections and assessments 

  • Construction Management, commissioning, testing, training and documentation 

Building on the success of our ongoing baggage handling system redesign at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), we're excited to share the additional tasks we've undertaken. Currently, our team is actively involved in the design re-configuration of the mainlines to optimize redundancy, the relocation of the Transfer and OAL Make-up Unit to facilitate the expansion of the Screening Matrix, and conducting submittal and Request for Information (RFI) reviews for the South and North terminals (Term A and Term B) at SLC.


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