Missouri American Water, Arc Flash Analysis for Jefferson City District

Missouri American Water, Arc Flash Analysis for Jefferson City District

St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Missouri Arc Flash

Our team provided arc flash study services for Missouri American Water in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our team provided site surveying for each location’s electrical equipment. Power system studies included short circuit analysis, Overcurrent Protection Coordination, and arc flash hazard analysis. 

For arc flash hazard analysis, multiple scenarios were analyzed such as maximum utility contribution, minimum utility contribution, all motors running, no motors running, and generator. This complex analysis resulted in developing arc flash labels sufficient for all possibilities. 

As part of the Overcurrent Protection Coordination, arc flash mitigation was also recommended to provide overcurrent setting adjustments to achieve lower arc flash levels.  Upon completion of reports, arc flash labels were installed at all facilities. 

Power System Studies were provided for 12 facilities within the Jefferson City District including: 

  • Jefferson City Administration & Shop: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Bald Hill Booster Station: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Churchview Well House: Wardsville, Missouri 

  • Ellis Tank and Booster Station: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Evergreen Waste Water Treatment Plant: Holts Summit, Missouri 

  • Hickory Hills Well House: California, Missouri 

  • Hwy 179 Storage Tank: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Jefferson City Water Treatment Plant & Intake Pumping Station: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Redfield Wastewater Treatment Plant: Eugene, Missouri 

  • Schellridge Booster Station: Jefferson City, Missouri 

  • Southwest Booster Station: Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Wardsville Booster Station & Well House: Wardsville, Missouri

Studies were completed utilizing SKM software and in strict conformance to the American Water Company Power System Study and Arc Flash Analysis Requirements Standard dated April 2018. 


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