Mediatech Inc.

Mediatech Inc.

Manassas, Virginia
United States

Mediatech, Inc., a market leader, manufactures and supplies sterile solutions and molecular reagents to the biopharmaceutical industry, academic and government research facilities, and biotechnology companies.

The products include cell culture media, salt solutions, antibiotics, sera, and bioprocess collection containers. Mediatech, Inc. is a cGMP facility certified to FDA Regulations 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485:2003, the most current international standard for medical device companies.

Due to Mediatech’s increased sales and the number of manufactured products, the firm built a new 100,000 ft² headquarters, laboratory, manufacturing, and distribution facility in Manassas, Virginia. Introba (formerly Integral Group) provided the facility’s entire mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, which completed construction in 2007.

The facility includes clean rooms, Tissue Culture and Chemistry QC Labs, Mill Rooms, Sterile Tank Rooms, and refrigerated storage facilities. It utilizes process chilled water, water for injection (WFI), and clean steam.

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