CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory

CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory

Hamilton, Ontario
CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory

CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory (CANMET-MTL) is a division of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

It is among the largest research centers in Canada, with over a 100-person technical staff of scientists and technicians. CANMET-MTL is dedicated to providing an innovative research and development program designed to provide technology solutions for the Canadian industry.

Introba (formerly Integral Group) was retained to provide mechanical and electrical consulting services for NRCan’s new 145,000 ft² research facility. The $40M project is on target to achieve a 70% improvement in energy efficiency over MNECB standards.

To assure that the client’s goals were met, the project featured a truly integrated design process (IDP) with all the primary consultants on board throughout the initial design phases. As part of the design, Introba created an integrated building model that included thermal comfort analysis, energy consumption, airflow analysis, and daylighting using Virtual Environment software.

Passive architectural features include:

  • External shading features, including south-facing louvers and overhangs and west-facing screens

  • North-facing skylights

  • Green and reflective roofs

  • Façade and layout optimized for daylight penetration and glare reduction

  • Renewable energy integrated into building façade/envelope

  • Exposed thermal mass integrated with heating and cooling system

Building systems design features:

  • Ground-source heat-pump (geo-exchange) energy plant

  • Hydronic radiant slab heating and cooling

  • Displacement ventilation

  • Variable-flow lab exhaust systems

  • Daylighting and occupancy controls for lighting

  • Ventilation and process energy-recovery technologies

  • Passive solar outdoor air (Solar wall) renewable energy collectors


  • LEED Platinum Certified

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