Bendigo Hospital

Bendigo Hospital

Bendigo, Victoria

Introba provided climate resilience consulting and design analytics to the Bendigo Hospital in Bendigo, VIC, Australia.

The new Bendigo Hospital is the largest regional hospital development in Victoria, Australia history. It provides the flexibility to adapt and expand to meet future demands and ensures a sustainable health service. Introba (formerly Integral Group) acted as the technical advisor to the Victorian Health Building Authority based on previous Public Private Partnership (PPP) experience with the Royal Adelaide Hospital. 

The new building includes a range of elements to promote low energy use, such as absorption chillers to provide most of the cooling in the new facilities, to future-proof Bendigo Hospital by adapting to changing fuel sources. To ensure the correct balance between the future adaptability and adoption of appropriate clinical innovation, the team identified the minimum requirements that a PPP would deliver. 

The project team used a performance specification style without specifying the engineering capacities or design approaches. This specification enables designers to meet the minimum standards and key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring service availability while facilitating innovation and competition. The rigor in developing the contract details ensures the government has a correctly designed, fully maintained, and adequately operational facility. 

Project Highlights

  • Largest regional hospital development in Victoria’s history  

  • Future-proofed hospital by adapting to changing fuel sources with the flexibility to adapt and expand to meet future demands and ensures a sustainable health service 

  • Identified minimum requirements that a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) would deliver while facilitating innovation and competition 

Photo Credit: Nils Versemann


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