BC Building Electrification Roadmap

BC Building Electrification Roadmap

British Columbia
BC Building Electrification Road Map

Introba provided consulting services for the development of a BC-wide roadmap for the accelerated adoption of building electrification for new and existing residential, commercial and residential buildings in British Columbia.

The roadmap was developed collaboratively with key industry stakeholders and lays out the steps and actions necessary to affect a market transformation whereby high-efficiency equipment for space and water heating (e.g., heat pumps, heat recovery ventilators) are standard practice in both new and existing buildings.

The scope of work included best practice research, stakeholder engagement, and report writing, all of which was transformed into a comprehensive map that outlines a vision, milestones, KPIs, and action pathways for a building sector market transformation. It additionally outlines the risks, barriers, success factors, and drivers involved in the transformation that must be either overcome or harnessed for a successful outcome. This includes an exploration of the intersection of electrification with other core objectives that have been identified, including the improved health and well-being of end users, improved resilience of the building sector, housing affordability, and others.

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