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Ross & Baruzzini Day: Honoring Pioneering Legacies

Ross & Baruzzini Day: Honoring Pioneering Legacies

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Ross & Baruzzini

In honor of Ross & Baruzzini Day, here are some memories of company founders Dr. Donald Ross & Joe Baruzzini: 

Looking Back at Dr. Don Ross’ Legacy

"I have been reminded that we have many new employees who don’t know the significance of R&B day or the history behind it. The vacation day was created in honor of Don Ross, the company founder whose birthday was April 15th. We tried to always take the Friday closest to the 15th as the date for that reason.

The great thing about this vacation day is that it’s not a holiday for anyone else, so the shops and local entertainment venues aren’t overcrowded. It’s a pretty mellow day…a lot like Don Ross’ personality.

I wish you all had a chance to meet Dr. Ross. He was a brilliant and sweet man with the highest ethics, the kind of highly respected person you felt honored and lucky to work for.”

Craig A. Toder
President & Chairman

Leading by Example

“Our founder Don Ross was one of the nicest and smartest individuals I have ever had the privilege to know and I am better for it. There are countless stories out there about his kind and giving nature but we never hear about most of them since he was never one to blow his own horn.  

I remember many years ago as we headed to a potential client’s site, Don was telling me that he was catching flak about being at the office too much after he partially “retired” and he was only supposed to be there half time. As he said, he really was following the rules. He was there only half of the time he actually wanted to be there. He was so proud of all of us and how we tried to carry on his attitudes and traditions that he enjoyed being around us as much as he could.
He led by example and was a great model for all of us to follow.”
Bob E. Wilson, PE
Senior Engineer - Project Manager

We Rise By Lifting Others

“Beyond their business practices and success, I knew Don and Joe to be exceptionally kind, helpful and wise men. Don went out of his way to provide thoughtful notes of encouragement to employees, and also sponsored an academic scholarship at Washington University. One of my fondest memories of him was his desire to sing at our holiday parties and play the harmonica. 

As for Joe, I remember his pearls of wisdom. He often reminded us of how simply important it is to get along and enjoy each other’s company, given the many hours that are invested in our careers.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had these experiences and I am very pleased to share these memories with you, which I still believe define our culture and success today.”

William Overturf, III
Former Ross & Baruzzini President

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