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Resiliency Expert – Michael Steinle

Resiliency Expert – Michael Steinle

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LaGuardia Airport

Michael has over 30 years of experience in project management, emergency preparedness and resilience, and environmental, health and safety stewardship. He has served as the Project Manager on many large-scale local, state, and federal resilience projects.

Michael served as a lead writer in developing pandemic response plans and other public health emergency plans on behalf of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department. He also served as the Planning Coordinator on the FEMA Region VII New Madrid Seismic Zone Catastrophic Earthquake Plan and received a commendation from the FEMA Region VII Administrator.

Michael has led multi-disciplinary teams in facilitating community resiliency working in a variety of critical infrastructure and key resource sectors. He is an accomplished author and researcher and has conducted over 250 discussion- and operations-based exercises to develop competencies in preparedness, response, recovery, and resilience.

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T: +1 800.404.7677
C: +1 785.840.7728
LinkedIn: Mike Steinle

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