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Guidance for Airport Perimeter Security: Introba’s Aviation Team Leads PARAS 0015 Research

Guidance for Airport Perimeter Security: Introba’s Aviation Team Leads PARAS 0015 Research

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PARAS 0015 Research

The world of Aviation continues to face evolving challenges and advancing airport security best practices is essential to keeping the public safe. To help guide airport operators and managers, our Aviation team regularly contributes as principal investigators, subject matter experts, and project panelists in the Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS).

In this three-part series, we will dive into three of our PARAS projects:

PARAS 0015 - Guidance for Airport Perimeter Security 

PARAS 0016 - Airport Security Vulnerability Assessments

PARAS 0030 - Guidance for Access Control System Transitions

This research program develops practical solutions to security problems faced by airport operators. PARAS is managed by Safe Skies, funded by the FAA, and modeled after the Airport Cooperative Research Program of the Transportation Research Board. 

Since 1997, Safe Skies has been a trusted resource for decision-makers seeking information on airport security technologies and procedures. Safe Skies’ core services focus on helping airport operators make informed decisions about their perimeter and access control security. 

Resiliency-Building Principles for Physical and Electronic Measures

Airport perimeter intrusions that make the news continue to frustrate airport executives. Our Aviation team conducted research for PARAS 0015, reviewing available literature, technology solutions, physical security solutions, and operational procedures used in concert with the technologies and physical perimeter security measures.

The report highlights that every airport has a unique environment, and the protection of each airport’s perimeter requires measures appropriate to the individual facility.

We help airports define a unique perimeter security approach based on risk profile, environment, operations, and budgetary constraints of the facility. Our comprehensive direction includes: 

  • Project definition

  • Executive management justification

  • Planning/project design

  • Procurement support

  • Project implementation management 

  • Technical oversight support 

With decades of designing, developing, and implementing perimeter security solutions experience, we use our lessons-learned experiences to benefit our clients. We understand that technology alone is not the answer, but a blend of operational procedures, personnel training, and technology/physical measures create a strong foundation for effective airport perimeter security.   

We excel at continuously adapting to changing situations and maintaining an imaginative approach to security. Contact us to help protect your facility against new threats and challenges.

The results of PARAS projects are available to the industry at no charge. All deliverables are electronic, and most can be accessed directly here.  

Stay tuned for the next article in our PARAS series: Airport Security Vulnerability Assessments.

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