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Day in the Life: Meet Our 2022 Interns

Day in the Life: Meet Our 2022 Interns

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We're excited to welcome our 2022 summer interns! Our intern program gives new talent experience with several types of projects throughout their discipline as well as our other markets. Each intern also receives a company mentor and will have opportunities to interact and engage with senior leadership.

In this blog series, see what our amazing interns experience during their time working at Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini):

Day in the Life: Meet Our 2022 Interns

Emre Guvenilir | Information Technology Database Intern

"My entire team is supportive and helps me when I need it, but also lets me figure out issues on my own to learn how to troubleshoot properly before asking for help. There were times I would be stuck on an issue, but with the help of Google, a programmer's best friend, and a little bit of critical thinking, I have solved many of the issues I came across."

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Kalib Morales | Mobility Systems Intern

"As a student at the University of Delaware for civil engineering, I have always dreamt of working in infrastructure. Roads, bridges, trains, housing - they all pique my interest in leaving a positive mark on the world. Here at Introba, my dreams are a reality."

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Luke Muckerheide | Mechanical Intern

"The great thing about this internship is that you immediately get involved with real-world work. After review, the HVAC systems I worked on can be put into buildings. The documents and schematics I worked with will be sent to contractors and building owners. In ten years, you can walk into a hospital or classroom in ten years and know that your work is a part of it."

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Nate Ulsas | Business Development & Sales Intern

"As a sales intern, here you will learn the different functions of making sales proposals in each market; potential client and project research, operating sales databases, and how to successfully create and maintain networks necessary to succeed in the world of business development."

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Rosalie Garzia | Medical Equipment Planning Intern

"After that, I began my first project. I received a list of equipment that a university will be purchasing for an expansion and created the project in Planview. In addition, I completed an electrical audit to send to the architect to ensure each item has proper electrical sourcing. Within the first few weeks of my internship, I was already meeting with clients to share my report!"

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Devin Ea | Technology Intern

"One of the projects I’ve worked on is the SCL Health Hospital, where I’ve revised the tech layout and have gone on a site visit. During this internship, I’ve learned how to do lots of small things that help contribute to the project, and I’m continuing to learn new things."

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Emma Parker | Electrical Intern

"My job at Introba has given me a better understanding of our international project design process. I have been able to improve our group’s organization and project documentation. Overall, my time at Introba has trained me to be a successful engineer after graduation."

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John Matulis | Mechanical Intern

"As a member of the mechanical team at Introba, each new day brings its own excitement and challenges. Recently, the most pressing project for my team here in the Kansas City office has been designing the HVAC system for a new football operations center for the University of Virginia."

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Aidan Donovan | Plumbing Intern

"Most of my time is spent at my desk working on drawings, but there are times when you will be out on a job site. During the second week of my internship, I visited the Lemay water treatment plant. This was my first site visit, and it was a great way to see what life in the field is like."

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