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Day in the Life: Kalib Morales | Mobility Systems Intern

Day in the Life: Kalib Morales | Mobility Systems Intern

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As a student at the University of Delaware for civil engineering, I have always dreamt of working in infrastructure. Roads, bridges, trains, housing - they all pique my interest in leaving a positive mark on the world. Here at Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini), my dreams are a reality.

Hi, my name is Kalib, I am the Mobility Systems Intern at Introba. For this internship, I had the option to work hybrid, giving me access to my own personal office.

My office had plenty of room for work.

Along with this wonderful desk, I was able to get a great view of Lansdale, PA. Since my first day, this internship has been enlightening, to say the least. I have learned so much and worked on projects that positively impacted our community.

My favorite project (so far) is working with a transportation department to provide van transit options for limited-income communities. Some other projects I have worked on include overhauling the of SEPTA systems used for their entire train grid. I have also had the pleasure of going out to a SEPTA location to test the changes and determine if the software is working correctly.

As the first intern in Mobility Systems, I gained critical experience finding information on projects and processes. This has been a great opportunity to learn and grow. I would say this is the best internship experience I have ever had. While the team is smaller, the work environment is phenomenal. This team provided clear direction and helpful support; they wanted me and the project to succeed.

On a typical day, I read specifications, completed research, and created spreadsheets or presentations. My time here has been my best work experience, and I can’t imagine working with a different team.

The projects I worked on varied, but had one common theme, finding the ideal solution for the client.


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