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Day in the Life: Emre Guvenilir | Database Intern

Day in the Life: Emre Guvenilir | Database Intern

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Day in the Life: Emre Guvenilir | Database Intern

I am a rising sophomore studying computer science at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, where I am part of the men’s soccer team. I am a database and application development intern at Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) working with the application development team. I am working remotely from my hometown in Long Island, New York.

During my internship, I’ve worked on a variety of projects including helping code applications to promote the team’s goal of reducing company expenses. I have used programming languages such as JQuery, JavaScript, and Java. I work closely with our web application developers, Austin Frederick and Alex Jones, to create CA-Services and Chalkboard programs, which will promote collaboration between divisions and groups.

In addition, I collaborate with our data scientist, Garrett Cohen, to help our team maintain and clean our database, using scripts written in Python and SQL, as well as utilizing data visualization in PowerBI. I also took part in a key project designing a script to handle similar file names. This script determines which files need to be maintained and which could be discarded.

I also worked closely with PowerApps, a simplified version of hard-coding apps, to support project collaboration. Our PowerApps system will aid in reducing wait time and centralize outgoing communications.

This internship has allowed me to not only learn more about computer science, data visualization, and programming and gain an understanding of working in a corporate environment. Working with people outside of the app development team to solve issues allows me to see how teams within companies interact and being part of that problem-solving process is exciting.

My entire team is supportive and helps me when I need it, but they also let me figure out issues on my own to learn how to troubleshoot appropriately before asking for help. There were times I would be stuck on a problem, but with the help of Google, a programmer's best friend, and a little bit of critical thinking, I have been able to solve many of the issues I came across.

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