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David McGhee – Technology & Security Systems Expert

David McGhee – Technology & Security Systems Expert

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Airport Security

David has over 30 years of experience, with over 25 years of experience working in Airports and other large campus environments within the United States, throughout the Americas, and internationally. David has extensive experience with facility operations including the planning and programming for Airport Operations Centers, Command Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, and Security Operational Centers. He has assisted airports client in all stages of security development and has worked in close coordination with many of the world’s leading airports to provide designs that will account for the next generation of screening technologies and innovation lanes. Clients prize his comprehensive experience in the changing world of security technology and his ability to work effectively in team environments and consistently get the job done right

David is well versed with physical and electronic security and ensures that the design and construction of security systems are in adherence to local, federal, and international security regulations. His specializations include airport security planning and design including ACS, CCTV/DVMS, DVA, IDMS, AVI, Screening Systems, PIDS, and PSIM. David is also well versed in Threat and Vulnerability Assessment for Airports and the planning of physical mitigation measures and operational processes and procedures to mitigate vulnerabilities. David also works on the overall processing of vehicles through security checkpoints including vehicle screening systems including LPR/ANPR, UVIS, vehicle screening, traffic calming, and crash-rated barriers.

David is also well versed with Local Area Network (LAN) layout, Infrastructure layout, Public Address (PA) design and testing, Mass Notification Systems, display system design and layout including FIDS, BIDS, etc., Audio/Visual systems, distributed antenna systems, data center design, and GPS based tracking and announcement systems.

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T:  +1  800.404.7677
C: +1  314.566.0638
LinkedIn: David McGhee

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