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Aviation Profile

Founded in 1953, Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) is consistently ranked as one of the premier consulting engineering firms in the world. Since our first airport project in 1973, Introba has managed projects in nearly 200 airports throughout the United States and 30 countries for projects ranging from $1 Million to $32 Billion.

These projects include the redevelopment of existing terminals while existing airline operations were maintained to develop the world’s largest, newest airport complex. Introba is the largest and most experienced provider of airport I.T. and security consulting and engineering services in the U.S. aviation market.

Smart Airport operations incorporate improved operational efficiencies, enhanced passenger experience, and advanced security protection. As an international aviation firm, Introba has a true understanding of where technology is heading and how it can improve airport operations and the customer experience.

Our team of airport operations experts, system engineers, and technology consultants specialize in developing integrated airport operations and technology applications that enable airport processes and procedures to operate more intelligently. Introba provides a wide range of aviation services, including operations strategic planning; systems design and engineering; systems installation, testing, commission; and program management support services providing staff augmentation to support all aspects of airport operations.

In addition to traditional consulting and engineering disciplines, Introba is a nationally recognized leader in risk and resilience management and security planning in the airport sector and within a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors.

The Introba Team possesses broad industry experience and expertise in conducting threat and vulnerability assessments. Our team combines assessment knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of airports and the operating environment. It is cognizant of potential changes and industry-leading mitigation strategies that may have a risk management impact.

Introba also provides specialized engineering experience in aviation support systems.
Primary professional services focus on planning, assessments, design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of complex automated baggage handling systems (BHS), explosive detection and trace detection systems for baggage security screening. Our full range of services are offered by professional staff with extensive hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of applied technology, manufacturing, construction, and application of governmental security mandates and processes. We have handled more than 1,000 complete or in-process projects involving automated baggage systems ranging from $25,000 to $235 million in contract value.

Additionally, the Introba professional staff have authored and contributed several critical security and information technology guidance studies as part of the Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS) in coordination with Safe Skies Alliance.

Moreover, our personnel and system subject matter experts (SMEs) have over 14 years of TSA technical support experience at over 140 U.S. airports with over 800+ Explosive Detection Systems (EDS).

Specialty Services

Airport Operations

  • Operations Master Planning

  • Airside/Landside/Terminal/FAA Operations

  • Policies and Procedures Development

  • Title 14, CFR, Part 139 Compliance

  • Operation Processes Re-engineering

  • Resources and Staff Optimization

  • CAPEX, OPEX Budget Planning

Airport Security

  • Security Concept of Operations

  • Security Risk Assessment and Compliance

  • TSA/CBP/Law Enforcement Requirements Planning

  • Passengers, Baggage, and Goods Screening

  • Security and Emergency Control Centers Planning

  • Access Control and Video Surveillance

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection

  • Public Space Risk Assessment

  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment (TVA)

  • Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs)

Airport Technology

  • Technology Master Planning

  • Airport Integration Platforms

  • Common Use Systems

  • Communications Infrastructure Systems Engineering

  • Telecommunication Systems Engineering

  • Aviation and Passenger Operation Systems Engineering

  • Life Safety and Security Systems Engineering

  • Audio-Visual and Augmented Reality Systems Engineering

  • Process and Building Automation Systems Engineering

  • Airport Digital Transformation

  • Data Center and Business Continuity Systems Engineering

Baggage Handling Systems

  • Automated Outbound Systems

  • Integrated Security Screening Systems

  • International Recheck and Transfer Systems

  • Early Bag Storage Systems

  • Inbound Claim Systems

  • Automated Sorting Systems

  • SAC

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