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Ann Barry – Aviation Security Expert

Ann Barry – Aviation Security Expert

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Ann is a nationally-recognized Subject Matter Expert in all facets of aviation security. As Introba's (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) Director of Security Consulting, Ann has more than 34 years of experience leading the development of strategic planning and assessment of technology platforms for a wide range of airport programs, including JFK, BWI, and LAWA. Her recent experience coupled with her leadership in the development of the AAAE BASIC program for Airport Credentialing and Identification as well as her expertise in Airport Perimeter Advanced Intrusion Programs makes her the ideal expert. Through her work at PANYNJ, BWI, DFW, and SFO, Ann has strong working relationships with the TSA and other regulatory agencies that will support the Airport with properly interpreting TSA mandates and requirements and developing appropriate compliance standards.

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T:  +1  800.404.7677
C: +1  301.613.3303
LinkedIn: Ann Barry

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