Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel

United Kingdom

Savoy, a London landmark refurbishment in which Introba (formerly Elementa Consulting) had the pleasure of taking a principal role.

The team provided the design and coordination consultancy for the building’s primary services refurbishment, including boilers, central hot water services, combined heat and power (CHP), low voltage and high voltage infrastructure, the emergency generator installation, and all the associated ventilation equipment.

We worked closely with the client to integrate a 1000kVA generator set, 500kWe CHP unit, four megawatts of boiler plant, and the associated electrical infrastructure, all in the basement minus three levels. This posed some complex ventilation and, therefore, coordination challenges to allow us to serve the needs of this large centralized plant without direct access to external fresh air.

Our proposals reduced the required boiler house footprint to a quarter of the previously installed steam plant, increasing lettable floor area and providing a significant increase in system efficiency. This, in combination with the new CHP unit, will allow the Savoy to operate at modern-day sustainable performance standards for years to come and benefit from the much-reduced running costs.

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