Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre

Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre

New Zealand

The University of Canterbury Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RRSIC) is purposefully designed to encourage innovation and support flexible learning and teaching methods across various science disciplines.

The joint venture between Introba (formerly Integral Group) and Christchurch-based Cosgroves was responsible for providing mechanical, electrical, vertical transportation, sustainability, acoustics, ICT, and dangerous goods services.

The project needed to deliver high-quality science in a building that has to withstand a 1 in a 1000-year earthquake. This led to an innovative steel-framed building sitting on a thick concrete slab incorporating distinctive red buckling restrained braces.

Of the 124 fume cupboards in the building, 118 are manifolded. This allows flexibility and fan power energy savings and the ability to reclaim heat from the exhaust stream to preheat incoming make-up air. Rutherford Regional Science Innovation Centre is the second-largest manifolded project in Australasia and the largest in New Zealand.