Perkins&Will | Washington DC Office

Perkins&Will | Washington DC Office

Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Perkins+Will WashingtonDC

The Washington DC office of Perkins&Will is conceived as a sustainability showcase.

The office features a self-contained passive solar hot water system that supplies the restrooms and café; photovoltaic panels on the rooftop power it. Power submeters separately monitor energy consumption for HVAC, lighting, computing, and plug loads. Real-time consumption data is digitally displayed in the reception area. The office is projected to reduce overall energy consumption by 35% from baseline levels, water consumption by 40% (motion-sensor faucets, dual-flush control valves, waterless urinals), and lighting power by 35% (daylight sensors, LED and fluorescent technology, occupancy sensors). 95% of construction waste was diverted from landfills; furniture not reused from the previous office was donated to local nonprofit organizations. The office has a comprehensive daily recycling program and buys 100% green power.

A gallery-like reception area forms a breakout zone for adjacent conference rooms or event space by evening. Communal spaces— including the library, café, and main entrance—face an interior atrium, which provides natural light and views of an 8-story art display.

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