Geelong Performing Arts Center

Geelong Performing Arts Center

Geelong, VIC | Wadawurrung Country
Exterior view Geelong Arts Centre sweeping curtain facade over two story glass windows and entrance

The $140 million redevelopment of the Geelong Arts Precinct stands as a beacon of modernity and sustainability, epitomizing excellence in design, functionality, and environmental stewardship.

The redevelopment incorporates a large 550-800-seat theatre space for major events and a smaller boutique event space that allows seating for 250 patrons. The project also includes the refurbishment of the iconic Play House Theatre and its administrative areas.

A challenge we overcame in the design was understanding the operational intricacies of the venue, allowing operative independence in each space, and satisfying the user expectations during staged events.

Central to the project's success was the innovative HVAC design, which can automatically accommodate and adjust indoor conditions to suit various event configurations such as gig, extended stage, open stage, cabaret, banquet, and open room scenarios. The number of patrons in the large theatre can also fluctuate between 550 to 800 people while maintaining internal conditions from both a comfort and acoustic perspective.

The facility includes a cutting-edge four-pipe, constant-volume chilled water system, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. Two air-cooled heat recovery chillers minimize environmental impact by redirecting and utilizing waste heat, offering substantial cost advantages.

A theatrical smoke extraction system ensures flexibility and safety during performances while lighting control measures maximize energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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