Frimley Park Hospital Pathology Department

Frimley Park Hospital Pathology Department

Frimley, Camberley
United Kingdom

Introba (formerly Elementa Consulting) provided a complete suite of services for a significant remodeling for the Frimley Park Hospital Pathology Department.

The team had previously worked with the trust for several years and was appointed to the hospital’s framework. The project included new build and refurbishment on a rolling phased basis and within a live hospital environment.

As a significant part of the project, several labs were opened to create an open plan lab to contain their new automated Keistra equipment to facilitate new ways of working within the department.

Our work on this project included mechanical, electrical, public health, and above-ground drainage design. This consists of all heating, hot and cold water, ventilation, fume cupboards, above-ground drainage, steam, electrical power, lighting & data, fire alarms & security, and medical gases. Key to the project’s success was a consideration during the design of this complex project’s phased basis- our design was produced to show each phase specifically.

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