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Introba Staff Join USGBC 2023 Committees

Introba Staff Join USGBC 2023 Committees

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USGBC 2023 Committee

Introba is proud to announce two employees have been selected as 2023 committee members by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Vice President Megan White will serve on the Technical Committee, and Associate Jennifer Wolf will serve on the Sustainable Sites Technical Advisory Group.

Learn more about this year's committee volunteers below. 

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Meet the people supporting the continuous improvement of LEED.

It is a critical time for LEED rating system development, and USGBC is proud to announce the newest members of our LEED committees, a community of volunteers whose professional expertise shapes current and future versions of the LEED rating system.

The 2023 cohort will work with existing committee members, as well as USGBC staff, not only to improve and revise the rating system, but also to bring essential new perspectives to the LEED v5 development phase, which is beginning in January 2023. To support continuous innovation and ensure that there are no gaps in knowledge or capacity as we move forward on LEED v5, our committees represent a spectrum of industries and professional expertise. If you are interested in joining a LEED committee in the future, please reach out.

These new voices are critical to the current and future success of LEED, and we are proud to highlight a diverse group for 2023. Contributing to the existing LEED committees, which consist of industry experts from more than 15 countries, the new members bring perspectives from Canada, El Salvador, the Netherlands, Sweden and Wales, as well as many U.S. regions. The localities of our new members are home to a range of unique environmental challenges, nearly all of which will continue to be exacerbated by the global climate crisis. As such, experts from these spaces hold valuable regional knowledge, along with technical expertise, that will support and further the local, regional and international visions of USGBC.

Innovative green building relies not only on regional understanding, but also an expansive set of industries, many of which are reflected by this year’s new members, who now hold seats on the LEED Advisory Committee, Technical Committee and Technical Advisory Groups. LEED consultants, specializing in embodied carbon, energy modeling, storm water management and policy, work alongside developers, contractors, architects, medical experts, engineers and manufacturing specialists. This group will collaborate with existing members to push the LEED rating system into new spaces and ensure that the framework for healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings—and the next version of LEED—is intersectional.

Visit for the full list of 2023 committee members.

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