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Supporting the U.S. Green Building Council-Missouri Gateway Chapter

Supporting the U.S. Green Building Council-Missouri Gateway Chapter

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We are ecstatic to be a sponsor for the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Missouri Gateway Chapter as they work toward making every building a green building. This sustainability-driven organization promotes energy efficiency programs and environmentally responsible developments throughout local communities.  

The USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter's vision is to create and restore buildings and communities that will regenerate and sustain health through: 

  • Education: Drive awareness through programs that provide practical knowledge and inspiration, while fostering connections, reaching 1,500 - 2,000 individuals annually. 
  • Green Schools: Providing opportunities for public and private schools within the Chapter’s territory (Missouri and Southern Illinois) to devise and implement, creative, effective, and no- or low-cost sustainable practices for their schools. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Supporting efforts to drive energy efficiency, save money, and protect the environment through the Better Buildings Through Benchmarking campaign and Building Energy Performance Standard. 
  • Green Communities: Helping schools, congregations, local governments, and nonprofits employ green building practices and save money on operations so they can invest more back into their mission. 

Why Supporting Organizations like the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter is Critical 

Green buildings are better for people, the environment, and our economy. They steward natural resources and lower our environmental impacts. In addition, healthy buildings can encourage better health for building occupants. Jonathan Penndorf, an architect for Perkins+Will, reports

The benefits are worth the effort, with numerous studies documenting “healthy building” impacts such as reduced illness and absenteeism among workers, higher worker productivity, higher test scores among students, and greater workplace satisfaction. 

Energy Conservation & Sustainability 

Energy conservation and sustainability have been core components of Ross & Baruzzini since our inception, and we treat these critical elements as a top priority of every design we produce for our clients’ facilities. 

With nearly 40% of our nation’s energy being used by buildings, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions by implementing energy conservation measures that also improve your bottom line. Whether your project is undergoing initial planning or your facility needs efficient upgrades, we are your go-to expert for all things energy. Our goal is to provide you with personalized, cost-effective recommendations that provide returns on your investment. 

To learn more about these services, visit Energy Consulting

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