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Introba Selects Living Systems as Platform for Transforming the Built Environment

Introba Selects Living Systems as Platform for Transforming the Built Environment

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St. Louis, MO - Introba, one of the world’s largest building engineering and consulting firms (formerly Integral Group, Ross & Baruzzini, Elementa Consulting, and Elementa Engineering), is creating Living Systems that are smart, secure, resilient, and connected. Through advisory and engineering services, they build environments that uplift communities, protect the planet’s health, and adapt to meet future demands. Introba has over 1,000 employees in offices across the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Serbia.

Designing Living Systems, Transforming Built Environments

In partnership with the clients they serve, Introba’s leading-edge design and advisory practices apply technology, advanced engineering, and thoughtful creativity to elevate the human experience by creating Living Systemsintelligent, resilient built environments that adapt to the needs of the community while protecting the health of the planet.

Introba considers the built environment holistically, not just in its component parts. Critical changes to global infrastructure, material supply chains, and government and corporate policies all play a role in Introba’s transformative design and consulting work. They recognize that business-as-usual engineering will not future-proof against the impact on our planet’s resources or ensure human safety and comfort. Introba has a deep culture of creative engineering aligned with environmental and technological challenges facing their clients, projects, and society.

Through their network of strategically integrated practice areas, Introba seeks to remedy inefficiencies, capitalize on shared opportunities, and find practical solutions to create adaptable, efficient, flexible, equitable, cost-effective, and resilient environments today and for future generations.

“Our blended expertise in built environment engineering practice areas with specialty advisory services creates Living Systems that are intelligent, resilient, highly sustainable, and connected to their environments. Together, we are leaders in advanced engineering and innovation.”

Bill Overturf, President

Integrating Smart & Adaptive Building Solutions

Thriving Living Systems require a strong digital foundation. Introba’s digital advisory and design analytic services focus on harnessing the power of data and emerging technology to drive efficiency, sustainability, human well-being, and resilient systems. A digital mindset is integrated across our design and engineering processes in ways that transform communities and buildings into adaptive, intelligent, and future-flexible systems.

Introba builds digitally enhanced decision-making into every phase of our work. From predictive modeling to real-time digital twins, Introba brings advanced data analysis, sensor strategies, and empirical modeling to each project. Using these tools allows clients to craft personalized experiences, optimize asset performance, and achieve strategic goals, including Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments.

Introba established a dedicated group of digital navigators to help clients understand the trends and create customized, adaptive technology plans that guide implementation and operations. From intelligent buildings to artificial intelligence and mixed reality, digital navigators map client processes to the right technologies and systems to deliver a positive impact now and into the future. 

“The range of digital opportunities and the pace of technological change can be overwhelming. Introba’s digital advisory team specializes in demystifying technology and creating future-flexible systems that elevate the human experience, optimize system performance, and nurture our connection to the environment.”

Chris Runde, Director, Global Digital Advisory Services

Committed to Resilient & Sustainable Engineering

The built environment sector urgently needs Living Systems to better integrate climate and sustainability solutions. Infrastructure investment, governance, and delivery of projects globally need greater alignment with climate and sustainability targets.

In addition to cutting-edge design and smart technology integration, Introba remains at the vanguard of climate resilience strategy, providing proven strategic direction and engineering solutions to deliver healthy, high-performing spaces where occupants and communities can thrive.

With buildings, transportation, and utilities presenting some of the most significant opportunities for addressing climate change and sustainability in the built environment, Introba’s work for clients and their own operations and research directly addresses fourteen of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Combining its deep expertise in planning, policy, economics, environmental and computer sciences, project management, engineering, and corporate strategy with a full complement of climate and sustainability services, Introba delivers projects from design conception to operating performance. Their services integrate design analysis and strategy to achieve certification and assurance.

“An integrated approach to buildings and infrastructure is essential for climate action and sustainable development. We must be on a clear path to decarbonize by 2050 and have made significant progress by 2030. Introba has the depth and breadth of expertise and experience to make real changes in our planetary future.”

Richard Palmer, Director, Global Sustainability

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About Introba

Introba is one of the world’s largest building engineering and consulting firms, with more than 1,000 employees in offices across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Serbia, and Australia.

Providing a full range of design services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety and protection engineering; technology systems; security consulting; medical equipment planning; aviation baggage handling; and sustainability consulting, the firm delivers projects across key sectors, including commercial, healthcare, government, education, aviation, culture, and science and technology.

Committed to reshaping the world, Introba’s problem solvers combine cutting-edge digital solutions with emerging innovations and industry-leading sustainability strategies to transform the built environment. Introba creates Living Systems that are smart, secure, resilient, and connected – spaces that uplift communities, protect the health of the planet, and adapt to meet the demands of the future.

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