United Nations

United Nations

New York, New York
United States

Our team provided security services for the United Nations Capital Master Plan project in New York, New York.

After a worldwide search involving over 120 competing firms, our team was awarded the United Nations Capital Master Plan project after a worldwide search, which included over 120 competing teams. With an overall budget of $900M, over $100M was earmarked for security upgrades alone. 

The UN consists of six major buildings on a 17-acre site including office space, conference rooms, meeting halls, the General Assembly, and support spaces of approximately 2.7 million ft². Additionally, the campus includes six acres of semi-public access space and gardens, three levels of below-grade parking, an in-house printing plant, and all associated support spaces. The Capital Master Plan Project included upgrades to all electrical, mechanical, audio-visual, broadcast studios, structural elements, curtain walls, and the addition of many new security systems. The security elements included campus-wide access control, and video surveillance, upgraded security control rooms, as well as structural and vehicular physical security control elements, and operational security elements, including screening of vehicles and personnel onto the UN Campus, all integrated with the present and planned security operations platform. 

Our team worked closely with the Safety and Security Department, as well as all other United Nations facility groups, in developing the Security Master Plan. We participated in planning sessions with the lead architects and engineers of the design team chosen for the United Nations Capital Master Plan project. Upon completion of the design, we provided on-site construction administration and testing functions. 

Programmatic security elements and security operations were considered for each and every design discipline to assist in a complete overall evaluation and a recommendation process, which included all disciplines. Considerations for Heads of State, the President of the United States, the Security Council, the General Assembly members, as well as the represented 189 country’s delegates and representatives were all elements included as part of the overall security Master Plan process. 


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