Tolworth Mental Health Hospital

Tolworth Mental Health Hospital

United Kingdom

Introba (formerly Elementa Consulting) provided the building services design up to stage 4 for the Acacia Block at Tolworth Mental Health Hospital, a complete refurbishment, and refit of the hospital’s existing wards.

Part of South West London and St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, the previous standard hospital ward has been adapted to provide specialist mental health care and facilities suitable to house severe long-term adult mental health patients.

The new unit has eighteen in-patient ensuite bedrooms, communal dining, an activity area, and some minor treatment rooms. At the early stages of design, extensive meetings were conducted with the NHS Trust to establish clear security and access control services as well as procedures that would be crucial to the delivery of a successful project, such as widespread panic alarms and an advanced secure lobby system.

When delivering a mental health project, extreme caution is undertaken in planning the delivery and fittings of all systems and fixtures. The selection of light fittings, grills, radiators, radiator covers, thermostat radiator valves, radiator panels, and access panels was chosen to meet strict anti-ligature requirements.

This project required high levels of coordination due to the installation of extensive ventilation into the existing building. The current ceiling levels needed to be raised to be out of reach from patients and their potential ability to self-harm. A complex challenge, except for the central plant, all the internal distribution of services were updated to align with modern-day standards and allow the ward to run efficiently.

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