Mingei International Museum Renovation

Mingei International Museum Renovation

San Diego, California
United States
CULTURE Museum Mingei

As proof that you don’t always have to rebuild to reimagine, the Mingei International Museum renovation became a complete transformation of a 106-year-old, nationally registered historic building.

By exploring the building’s history, the team could reclaim and repurpose lost spaces and extend the landmark park’s area by 2,500 ft² by converting a loading dock into a 125-seat theater with a public rooftop courtyard. One of the project’s primary goals was to increase accessibility to the museum’s collections and expand exhibition and educational programs for all ages.

Considering museums’ unique and critical design challenges, MEP design features include automated electricity and HVAC systems set to shut off in non-sensitive areas during off-hours and BMS monitoring to alert staff if environmental conditions become unacceptable. The team designed air filtration levels to meet LEED Gold certification parameters (MERV 14, 95% efficient) and installed low-flow water closets and urinals to reduce water usage.

The building envelope regulates the changes external conditions will have on the interior and maintains comfortable conditions for museum occupants while controlling temperature and humidity for sensitive artwork and exhibits.


  • LEED Gold Target

Image Credit: Nic Lehoux

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