Grid-Ready: Powering NYC's All-Electric Buildings

Grid-Ready: Powering NYC's All-Electric Buildings

New York, New York
United States

The majority of New York City’s 1 million buildings use fossil fuels for heating and hot water.

To meet the city’s target of carbon neutrality by 2050, the building stock will need to shift from fossil fuels towards efficient electric heat pumps. As heating systems are electrified, the electric peak will increase and shift from the hottest days of the summer to the coldest days in winter. Faced with the prospect of electrification, many building managers wonder if the city’s electric grid is ready to support the increased peak power demand. In collaboration with Urban Green, Con Edison, and NYSERDA, Integral analyzed the impact of building electrification on New York City’s grid and helped develop a web tool publicizing the findings and created an hourly resolution urban-scale energy model for the entire existing building stock of New York City. For each scenario and electrification adoption level, we predicted the ratio of future peak demand to each network zone’s capacity.

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