Billy Bishop Airport Pedestrian Tunnel

Billy Bishop Airport Pedestrian Tunnel

Toronto, Ontario
Billy Bishop Airport Pedestrian Tunnel

The pedestrian tunnel project will be completed through an innovative public-private partnership model.

Under this model, a private sector consortium, Forum Infrastructure Partners, oversees the tunnel’s design, construction, and operation and ensures that the project will be on-time and on budget. The private sector financed the project and will be paid for by departing passengers via the existing Airport Improvement Fee.

The project includes an under-lake tunnel that will span the Western Gap in Toronto Harbour and allow pedestrians access between the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s mainland and island terminal buildings. In addition to the pedestrian tunnel, the project involves the construction of a new, one-story pavilion at the foot of Eireann Quay, an addition to the existing terminal building on the island, as well as water and sewage service lines that are being constructed on behalf of the City of Toronto.

Introba (formerly Integral Group) is contracted to PCL Constructors Ltd. to provide LEED Fundamental & Enhanced commissioning services for the tunnel, which will feature a modern, mechanized underground walkway powered by 100% green energy. The project will be pursuing LEED® Silver certification.


  • LEED® Silver

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