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Phil Santore Featured on FOX 2 News

Phil Santore Featured on FOX 2 News

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“We removed the aspect of ‘you must have a brick wall to be safe,’ and that’s not really true. There are many, many ways to keep students safe even when there’s glass involved."

Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) Security Vice President - Managing Principal, Phil Santore, spoke with FOX 2 News about his team’s work on Lindbergh High School’s security-focused remodel:

Santore is working with Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, MO, to add comprehensive high-tech security features. He explains all school security starts with three basic areas:

  1. Physical components (sidewalks door, frames, lighting)
  2. Technology (cameras, card readers, intercom)
  3. Human factor (properly-trained staff)

Lindbergh High School’s new design combines the school’s former five buildings into just one large building. It will have new open common areas, open classrooms and hallways, a new gym, and a new performance hall. Santore says even though the building has glass throughout, he included safe spaces that hide students from intruders.

The school will also have security cameras and locks on all doors. Superintendent Dr. Lake says the biggest and most important feature is one large secure entryway with bullet-resistant glass.

“Our wonderful kids and families are probably going to get to come to the building that’s one of the safest and most innovative places to learn, I’ll even say in the state of Missouri, maybe even the Midwest,” Lake said.

“It just makes everybody safer and more comfortable coming in. When you’re comfortable, you can learn better,” said Freshman John Eckarich.

Santore says the best safety tool of all is to value mental health and counseling to students at all schools — to prevent any kind of tragic incident.

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