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Day in the Life: Aidan Donovan | Plumbing Intern

Day in the Life: Aidan Donovan | Plumbing Intern

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I recently started my internship at Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) as a plumbing engineer. I have done a lot of exciting things since I’ve started, so here is what you can expect in the first few weeks:

The first week of my internship was all about meeting new people and getting settled into my new work environment. I was given a tour of the building, I met the other members of my department, and I started getting my work environment set up.

Introba uses a program called Microsoft Teams. This is the main form of communication between you and the rest of the company. Microsoft Teams will also provide you with a weekly schedule for any meetings or activities you need to attend.

Most of my time is spent at my desk working on drawings, but there are times when you will be out on a job site. During the second week of my internship, I visited the Lemay water treatment plant. This was my first site visit, and it was a great way to see what life in the field is like.

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