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Celebrating the Women of Introba: Technology & Aviation

Celebrating the Women of Introba: Technology & Aviation

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Women in Technology and Aviation

We are proud to continue our Women of Introba (formerly Ross & Baruzzini) series by highlighting our Technology & Aviation teams. These dedicated women bring their ‘A’ game to each project while creating opportunities for others to succeed. 


Sara Ann Holloman

Role: Senior Project Accountant

Location: Atlanta 

Sara Ann Holloman is a Senior Project Accountant in our Technology group. She is also a passionate member of our employee engagement team. Sara Ann is an industry veteran, with over 30 years experience in the field. Her inspiration at work comes from knowing she contributes to our company’s success. 

Fun Facts: Outside of work, Sara Ann enjoys classic films and baking cheesecakes. Her top bucket list goal is to travel more. If she had to describe herself with one phrase, it would be as a good friend. 

Samantha Glass, EIT

Role: Associate Consultant 

Location: Atlanta

Samantha Glass is an Associate Consultant with our Technology team. Problem solving is what draws Samantha to engineering; she enjoys finding solutions to ever-changing challenges. With a constant desire to learn more, Samantha holds a BSAE degree and EIT certification. 

Fun Facts: When she isn’t at work, Samantha enjoys kayaking and would like to learn how to fly a plane. In one word, she describes herself as independent.

Stephanie Anderson, CTS

Role: Associate Consultant

Location: Denver

Stephanie Anderson is an Associate Consultant with our Technology Team. She enjoys engineering because it gives her the ability to create, work with a team, and bring designs to life. Stephanie is inspired by her healthcare projects and making the best space possible for patients and staff.

She recently received her Certified Technology Specialist certification earlier this year.

Fun Facts: Stephanie loves the outdoors. Hiking, rollerblading with her dog, camping, and gardening are just a few of her hobbies. Her top bucket list goal is to visit New Zealand and see where Lord of the Rings was filmed. She would describe herself as “passionate”.

Tish Brown

Location: Denver

Role: Senior UC Consultant

Tish Brown is a Senior UC Consultant with our Technology Division. As a self-described right-brain thinker, she finds joy in working the typically left-brained world of Information Technology. Tish enjoys how IT is always changing and keeps her engaged. As a member of SCTC (Society of Communications Technology Consultants), she is part of an organization that follows a strict code of ethics. 

Fun Facts: Outside of work, Tish is proud of her family. Her favorite hobbies include reading, entertaining, sewing, and home décor. Her top bucket list goal is to travel, and she would describe herself as an optimist.

Sara Frisbie

Role: Staff Designer 

Location: Seattle

Sara Frisbee is a Staff Designer with our Technology team. She compares engineering to solving problems; she enjoys finding solutions to different challenges and situations. Knowing how things work inspires her work as well as being a woman in a male-dominated workplace. She is excited to see more women across engineering fields. 

Her career goals include earning her RCDD, FOA, and CAPM certifications. 

Fun Facts: Pre-pandemic, Sara and her husband loved to play pinball machines. Now, she enjoys playing video games at home, which she purchased her first house last year. She wants to travel more, and she might even want to try a caged shark-dive one day. How would Sara describe herself in one word? “Gnarly.”


Carolyn Hughes

Role: Project Manager

Location: St. Louis

Carolyn Hughes is a Project Manager in our Aviation Market and recently celebrated 25 years with the firm. She is also an Army veteran! When it comes to engineering, she loves learning about new technology and finding smarter ways to get the job done. Carolyn is a member of PMI, and she is proud to have been involved with a dog rescue group in Texas. She adopted three wonderful rescue dogs from this organization, and she is delighted she can provide her dogs with a loving home. 

Fun Facts: When she isn’t working, she loves finding ways to repurpose old items. Her top bucket list goal is to spend time traveling through Italy. 

Maria Chen

Role: Senior Security Tech Consultant

Location: New Jersey

Maria Chen is a Senior Security Technology Consultant with our Aviation Team providing expert consulting for some of our largest Northeastern clients.

Michele Young

Role: Principal Consultant

Location: St. Louis

Michele Young is a Principal Consultant in our Aviation Market and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We enjoy having her on our team.

Ann Barry

Role: Principal Consultant

Location: Delaware

Ann Barry is our Security Director in our Aviation Market. She is dedicated and provides exceptional service to our clients!


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